Dogs who have stamped a mark in kennel Rustic Russell


Rustic Russell Tante Agathe

Agathe is 34 cm and slightly broken. She is playful and moves with drive.
Agathe is the dam to Vipe.


Chataway Careless

Wispa came to us from the Scottish kennels Chataway and Mindlen. She was allready Champion when she arrived and soon she got the Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and International Champion-title as well.
Wispa is the dam to Bolt and Ronja.

Rustic Russell Ragna Rekkverk

2011 – ->
Tippi is pretty bougth on the outside and on the inside. She has been doing very well in the showring, and at go to ground trials.
Tippi is the dam to Oda and Billie


Rustic Russell Aurora Rex

2007 – ->
Rusty did well in the showring when she was young. She is a dog with good workingability, and beside har bloodtracking champion-title she has very good results from og to ground test in Norway and Sweden.
Rusty is the dam to Tippi


Rustic Russell Fairy To Partax

2006 – ->
Alva is a showy bitch. She is a once-in-lifetime breedingbitch, producing even  quaitypuppies with different sires.
Alva is the dam to Belvedere, Roadrunner and Alva in our kennel, and Partax Colorado at kennel Partax in Sweden.


Mindlen Brown Trout

Thanks to kennel Mindlen and kennel Chataway for trusting me with this great dog. Together with Lena Kjempengren (kennel Revefoten) I was  lucky to have Trout for a year and half. During this time he lived by me and my family, and he was such a great familydog. Loveley, sweet temperament. Because his tale was docked he was only alowed to show in Sweden, where he earned his champion-title. I introduced him to working in artificial den, where he showed good workingability.
Trout is sire to Lily.


Rustic Russell Titbir Von Rembrandt

2005 – ->
Titti is the matriark at home. She is lively and playful despite her age (born -05) Titti is a true showdog and loves to show herself. The last years she has been showed by Sigurd even though she is slightly older than him. And even though they have been doing very well, she has her best results when showed by my eldest daugther Astri, who coown Titti together with me.
Titti is the dam to Rusty and Lily


Rustic Russell Whoops-A-Daisy

2002 – ->
Daisy is a small, agile and a alert bitch. She does not look like har age at all, even though she has started to get deaf (born -02)
Daisy is the dam to Titti and Alva


Rustic Russell Ninni Can-Nina

2001 – 2006
My first homebred champion! She earned her title in all the Three countries she entered shows in. Norway, Sweden and Denmark.


Kylini Karisna

2000 – 2015
Bob was a true terrier. He was an amazing workingdog and a good showdog because he was so full of himself.
Bob has sired Billie.


Rednock Wanda

1995 – 2007
Wanda was the strart of my breedingproram. She earned the champion-title in Norway and Sweden.
At the photo she is 10 years old.
Wanda is the dam to Ninni and Daisy.